Thursday, 14 January 2016

Chic to sleep

I've always found that wearing cute under wear makes me feel really sexy, especially if I'm having a fat and ugly day, even if its a size 18 and no one else will be seeing it apart from myself and my nosey kids. For some strange reason small things like that can make you feel a bit better about yourself. Well that and glitter, a bit of sparkle can make a big difference. Anyways, it’s the same with sleepwear. Just because I'm a big girl it doesn't mean that I need to look like an old frump and sleep in a tent with my big belly warmer ‘time of the month’ knickers. But annoyingly not a lot of places actually cater to plus sized or even normal sized woman and the ones that do, the choices are quite limited which doesn’t help me at all. But I found a site called Adore me that not only does cute lingerie and sleepwear, but does them in decent sizes, whoop whoop! So I've put together some fab looks for bedtime, yes I said looks, I mean we style ourselves during the day, so why not do the same at night time too?
Now as someone who doesn't like to show their flabby c-section belly (even at bedtime) there’s some covered up options, as well as chic pieces.

I had to add some fun flirty pieces that really show off your boobs... Ummm.. I mean your curves. Perfect for if you’re having ‘company’ over *wink wink* lol

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