Saturday, 19 December 2015

No kisses please mummy

Ok..I think RD is now at that age where kisses from mummy in public are just embarrassing L So now when I walk him to his class I’m only allowed to give him a quick hug then he runs inside. I remember the days when he didn’t wanna let go of me and needed a tonne of kisses and hugs before he would even contemplate going inside and most times the teacher actually had to take him in the class as he wanted to just stay with me. Now he doesn’t really care if I’m there or not. I guess he’s gonna be 6 soon and that’s obviously a very old and grown up age... lol so he doesn’t need me all over him in public, I don’t wanna ruin his street cred or anything hahahahaha. Although he’s like that outside he’s still exactly the same when we are at home, he’s still the same cuddly RD and is happy to get loads of kisses and hugs. This just emphasises the fact that my baby is growing up, which makes me feel really old, oh why couldn’t he stay as my little dolly forever.

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