Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year less wobbly me :)

So instead of waiting for new years eve to declare ‘My new years resolution is to lose weight’ then fight myself trying to lose all the extra lbs I piled on over Christmas, I thought why not start before Christmas and just continue into the new year. So I’ve been doing a combination of Zumba, my hula hoop and my weights everyday and I actually ate very well over Christmas. I didn’t stuff my face with bollocks and eat everything in sight like I normally do and it’s resulted in me not putting on weight for once. Also my IBS has gone nuts so basically most things that I have eaten have come straight back out so I guess you could say I’ve done my Christmas cleanse/detox lol I honestly don’t know what’s triggered the attacks this time but I hope it calms down soon because apart from the pain that comes with it, it’s just so inconvenient.

Getting back to my weight loss goals I figured if I work on my summer body from now, by the summer I may have even surpassed my personal goals and can then work towards new ones. Since starting back exercising I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my waist and have even gone down a band size in bras and up a cup size (Result!!) So as long as that area carries on like that I’m happy. But I think doing consistent exercising and living a healthier lifestyle is working much better than my usual kill myself within weeks of going on holiday routine...

So here’s what I look like now. As always I’ve not used any filters, I’ve just added a frame to make it look pretty:

 I mean yes I’m still a fatty but I’m a fatty on a mission and I have a long way to go, but I am definitely going to get there by next summer. Also on a side note I’ve found I’ve been getting a lot more male attention being bigger than I was before I was this big. I’m still a size 18 but with hard work I will make it down to a 16 and who knows I may shock everyone (including myself) and get back down to my pre kids size 14 body...

Watch this space ;)


  1. Those sound like some good rules that all of us need to follow! I am just now catching up on your posts a great ideas and your blog is just like a motivation inspire about the goal really appreciated.Thanks
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  2. Thank you really happy to hear you're enjoying me posts :)

  3. Well done to you. I don't know why people work so hard and then go crazy at Christmas personally - so well done for keeping things up over the Festive period