Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Did my baby just drop the F Bomb?!

Soooo I knew this day would come and I knew it would happen with RD; He said his first swear word. Although I do swear like a sailor I never swear in front of the kids, so I know they didn’t get it from me so before RD even told me where he got that from I automatically knew he had to be school. I was in the kitchen checking on the dinner with RD, as he loves to help cook and clean and this happened:

RD: Fucking?

Me: (thinking) Did he just saying fucking?

 So I just carried on with what I was doing in the hope I misheard him.

RD: Mummy what’s fucking?

Me: What is it?

RD: Fucking, is it a swear word?

Me: Ummm... (thinking shit how should I play this, should I say it’s a swear word and hope that doesn’t make him wanna say it more or do I act like that word doesn’t even exist)

RD: Is fucking a naughty word mummy?

Me: (very calmly) Yes it is it’s not a very nice thing to say to people OK, because it will make them sad.

RD: Ooooh, is it very very naughty mummy?

Me: Yes so it’s best not to say it munchkin, you don’t like that word anyway do you?

RD: No mummy, my friend was telling me swear words at school and he said Fucking, he told me.

Me: Did he swear at you?

RD: No mummy he just told me it

Me: OK well if he tries to tell you more bad words tell him shut the fuck up!

Hhahahahahaha, nah I’m only joking I didn’t say that (I thought it though) I told RD if his friend talks like that around him again tell him to stop talking and move away. I also emphasised what I always tell them, which is that we are not followers in this house, especially if someone is doing something wrong. I also stayed very calm, although inside I was like WTF!! But I thought that if I acted like it wasn’t a huge deal he’s less likely to repeat it as he didn’t get a big reaction from it.

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