Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Will you try Floga before your next flight...?

Celebrity trainer Shona Vertue has been working with Gatwick to set up the world’s first pre-flight yoga (otherwise known as Floga) lounge at Gatwick Airport, designed to help passengers relax and de-stress before they fly.
So as we all know holidays can sometimes be quite stressful, especially if you’re travelling with the munchkins; so now Gatwick has found a way to help you to chill out before your flight. Trainer Shona guides you though all the moves in a 20 minute pre-flight yoga video. The video plays on a loop on TV screens in the new Floga area in the South Terminal so you can just drop in whenever you are ready as it’s not at a specific time. Yoga mats are included AND it’s completely free and you know how much I like a freebie ;)
If you can’t manage to get to the Floga area before your flight then here are a few recommended moves you could maybe try at your house before you leave:

The reclining twist
The twist is reclined, which is something you don’t really get a chance to do on a flight (unless you’re flying business or first class). It has a massaging effect on the digestive organs and releases the muscles either side of the spine.

Viparita Karani
Viparita Karani is great to help prevent deep vein thrombosis because of its encouragement of venous return (getting deoxygenated blood from the feet to the heart). There’s no chance to do this one onboard, so best to do before.
But don’t worry, If you don’t have time to do these before you leave home because like me you decided to soak in the bath till you’ve gone all wrinkly then spend 2 hours on making your nails look all fancy then Shona recommends doing some deep/conscious breathing on the plane as it can really help to encourage better circulation and calms the nervous system and you definitely need to be calmed down when you’re travelling with kids so this may be very helpful.
But as helpful as this seems, I know that when I do Yoga at home I sweat hard, so I don’t know how much I would like being that sweaty before boarding a long haul flight. But saying that I definitely think it’s a good idea and as you know I know I love the South Terminal so I will probably have a nose the next time I fly. Now thinking about it, it would be interesting to see if families/children are welcomed there...

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