Thursday, 19 November 2015

Why does the rain hate parents so much?

Why is it that the weather can be calm all day then as soon as it gets to school run time it literally starts pissing down. Take yesterday for instance, as soon as I stepped through the school gates the rain decided to get progressively worse, then something I absolutely hate happened; strong wind and rain simultaneously. So this meant that the kids were fighting with their umbrellas everytime they turned inside out and getting blown all over the place. I then realized it was pointless trying to keep them up so just took them all down including mine. 
At this point the rain really decided to chuck it down so we secured hoods and hats and started to run home. Then, I realize RD’s book bag that was supposed to be in my hand, was no longer there. So then I had to run back up the road only to find his bookbag in a big puddle, then turn round and try to run home with the kids again. We got absolutely soaked, rain was hitting my eyes and making them burn, the kids were squealing with excitement as they’ve never been in that kinda rain before then on top of that all of my big hair couldn’t fit under my hood so my curls were dripping down my face too, OMG what a nightmare!
Now today although I thoroughly dried all the coats the same way the kids ones stank of stagnant water so I had to chuck all of them in the washing machine, so lucky the kids have 2 sets of winter coats (1 for school 1 for outside of school) otherwise we would’ve been stuck because their other coats are more, Spring/Summer coats/Car coats.

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