Friday, 13 November 2015

Walk in front of me

So something I see a lot of on the school run is parents power walking and their kids lagging behind. Not only are they power walking but they're sooo engrossed with their phone that they don't even bother to turn around to check if their child is even still there. My 2 know they either have to walk by my side or in front of me where I can see them, anything can happen to your child behind you and you wouldn't even have a clue. I'm not just talking about sinister stuff like some weirdo kidnapping them, but they could've fallen over and hurt themselves or need some help and you wouldn't even know. I really don't get why parents do this. I've seen some just stroll across the road on their phone leaving their little kids to wonder into the road and narrowly miss getting lick down by a car. I even had one motorist shout at me because Cali's friend decided to bolt across the road while her mum was busy gassing and nearly got hit. I was like "That's not my child, my kids know how to cross a road don't assume she's my child just because we are both black!"
You will never see me walking along and my kids are behind me and if they do try that you will see me turning round and telling *cough cough shouting at* them to walk in front. You should always be aware of your kids and what they're doing when you have little ones. I love a good gossip as much as the next mummy but gossip with your kids in front of you where you can see them.

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