Friday, 27 November 2015

OMG discipline your own bloody kids!

Do you know what really irritates me... Other than long ques and the wind and rain coming together... It’s parents, in particular mummies who leave it to others to discipline their kids instead of doing it themselves. OK now let me give you a scenario:
Child is continuously kicking the chair in front of them, a lady is sitting on that  chair, the mum says cheerfully and in an annoying voice:
“Tommy don’t kick the chair otherwise the lady will tell you off,”
She then waits for the lady in front to turn around and say something.
It’s like OMG grow some fuckin’ balls and tell your own child off! I mean my two are very hardears when they’re ready and can act up and just generally be little shits, but there’s no way I’d ever turn a blind eye to what they’re doing and leave a stranger to discipline them, hello that’s my job, I’m the mummy round here. If my child was kicking someone’s seat purposely to be annoying I’d be straight in there and would not only deal with my kids but they would have to apologise to the lady in front too.
It’s soo frustrating because I’ve had to be that stranger who had to discipline a child before because the mum was just standing there ignoring what was going on. I remember actually yelling at the little boy because he purposely fly kicked another little boy who then in turn fell on Cali and she dropped on her face. OMG I-was-livid! Because it wasn’t the 1st time the little boy had done something like that he’d done it all the way down the road .On top of all of that the mum still didn’t say anything apart from ‘See the lady is gonna be very cross with you,’ I was thinking, cross? I’m fuckin’ fuming mate, so I turned around and had a go at her too.

If your child is acting up, that’s your child and your responsibility, stop ignoring bad behaviour and stop relying on complete strangers to do your job for you.


  1. Ya see I'm reasonably up for people telling my boy off and helping out others if I can. I'm down with the 'it takes a village' mentality but the thing is a lot of these parents don't actually mean it! When they say, that lady will tell you off, they want you to turn round and say, 'no it's okay and aren't they a percious little angel'

    1. I think it just bugs me that they don't seem to see anything wrong with how their child's behaving, I'm thinking if I can see this why can't you.

      Also I def agree with you as most people would probably feel too awkward or uncomfortable to say anything bad and would just comment on how cute they are and make it into a joke.

      Also I think the whole it takes a village thing only works in certain places because I know in the Caribbean that's very much the mentality but over here people can get funny with you saying something because I watched a little girl pinching my son and trying to bend back his fingers because he was on a swing she wanted to get on, the mum saw exactly what I saw and said nothing so when I said something the mum got upset and took her kids inside...

  2. I agree my perspective is probably a little skewed because I was raised by Jamaican parents and it was perfectly reasonable for aunties, friends, strangers whoemver to give you a ticking off (and then get another one when you got home for shaming your mum).

    It's really interesting, I haven't had that situation but I really don't know what I would do if another child was intentionally hurting mine and the parent/carer was just stood picking their nose. My son has special needs and can get a bit heavy handed, I always haul him and away and give him a ticking off even though I don't think he understands what I'm saying, think it's just the polite thing to do :D