Saturday, 7 November 2015

I need a new suitcase!!!!

So now that my suitcase has finally broken (YES!!!!) I now have a real reason to get a new one. I've always wanted one of them fancy ones on 4 wheels, but because I had a fully functional suitcase I saw no sense in wasting money buying a new one. But, now my suitcase is broken (and no I didn't sabotage it) I'm all excited about getting a modern suitcase. Now I had one of them generic black ones that everyone has and if you don't put a billion colourful tags on it someone usually takes it, realizes its not theirs and literally dumps it back on the carousel. At least now mine will be easy for me to spot, because I must admit that sometimes even I let mine go past then I'm like shit that's my suitcase then pull a muscle trying to drag it off quick.
So I figured maybe I will look for one in the Christmas sales and pick up a bargain. Actually.. do suitcases even reduce in Christmas sales? I hope they do, I want a pretty colourful loud one.

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