Monday, 9 November 2015

How to curl Marley Hair

After seeing lots of cute styles using Marley hair on YouTube I finally decided to give it a go.

I started with this pack of Marley Hair, it’s my new favourite brand as you just get soooo much in the pack.


I used some small perm rods and took small sections of hair and wrapped it round the rods.

I then put the rods in hot water for around 1 minute, I then put them in ice cold water straight after to set them.

I left them over night to dry.

Once dried I then cut the unravelled the hair and cut each section in half. I then separated the curls.

It started out looking like this:

I then felt like it was too much hair, so I removed some of the hair on one side and trimmed it:
This looked cute but because I had separated the curls before installing them, by the next day a lot of the hair was matted and curls that were there were very undefined. Sooo I combed it out and put the perm rods in again, this time taking bigger sections of hair, dipped them in hot water. Then once my hair was dried I shook my head about and the curls kinda separated themselves.

So I am loving this hairstyle, but next time I definitely won’t separate the curls before installing them.  I’m not sure how long this style will last though and I don’t really know how to care for it so I’m gonna have to go search YouTube for some advice....

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