Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Easily freaked out

OK so unlike a lot of girls I'm not scared of spiders but I do have a lot of weird phobias;

Broken cream crackers or crackers with an abnormal pattern on them really freak me out and I don’t know why I actually threw our more or less a full pack of crackers the other day as they had a strange pattern on them and I couldn’t take it, it made me feel sick.

Tiny holesTrypophobi
You know like the dimples on an orange, holes that size but not on an orange like tiny holes where there shouldn’t be holes like on peoples skin, OMG open pores freak me out they just make me feel funny. I can’t take small holes.

Like groups of loads of ants together freaks me out too. 

Drinking from a can
Yuck! I can’t! Just cans and the noise they make, OMG I hate it, it makes me wanna grind my teeth. Even writing about it is really bothering me. 

If you know or have seem me you will know how much I hate grass. I will happily walk around some long way just to avoid grass, I don't even like the kids being on grass I will actually shout at them to come off the grass. Grass has freaked me out since I went camping in the South of France when I was about 9.

Enclosed spaces - Claustrophobia
I've been highly claustrophobic since my sister used to trap me inside the duvet covers when we were little and then having a very frightening experience in a lift soon after didn't help at all. I avoid lifts like the plague.
But although my phobias may seem random I've found some even more bizzare so now I feel a little less like a freakshow.

Fear of seeing, thinking about or having an erect penis.
Fear of vegetables.
Fear of rectums.

Fear of long words.
Fear of being out of mobile phone contact

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