Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The story behind the tattoo

So every year on my birthday I’ve got a tattoo in memory of the baby that I miscarried 4 years ago. It’s like a form of therapy for me as it makes me feel better that I’m not forgetting that the baby did exist (no matter how small she was) Last year I got a daisy chain with 4 daisys on it to represent me and the kids to show that we are all linked forever. This year I got all of our dates of birth in Roman numerals on my side. Now I know that rib tattoos are normally quite painful but I thought seeing as I have a lot of fat there that I would be fine, OMG how wrong was I, I was squeaking and breathing heavy and everything which is not like me at all. OMG did that shit sting, but, it was worth it as I loved the end result.

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