Monday, 5 October 2015

Mummy & RD time

So recently as you know, it's been the biggest uphill battle to get RD to bed and also up, ready and out the door for school, he's basically been a little shit recently, so the fact that last-night was near impossible to get him to bed was nothing abnormal, but for some reason it was really pissing me off. So I actually sat him down (after he'd done his time and calmed down in the naughty corner) and asked him why he was always so naughty at bedtime and he said that he wanted to stay up late so that he can spend time with me. He then went on to say how much he missed our mummy and RD time which we used to have all the time when we followed a really strict routine but I haven't been able to get that back on track since the summer holidays.

So this morning I woke up determined to follow our strict routine to see if it would help, well it couldn't make things any worse... So RD got up 1st and we looked at our little list of stuff to do on our routine and a miracle happened, I didn't have to ask this child more than once to do anything, which is unheard of lately. Everything went sooo smooth I was actually shocked as I'm used to asking a billion times then screaming at him to do as he's told. We then had time to sit down and play some card games before leaving for school. There were no tantrums, I didn't have to drag anyone out of the door it was almost perfect. It's amazing what a little bit of one on one time with mummy can do and it was only around 5 mins but he loved the fact that for those 5 minutes all my attention was solely focused on him.

We still have the after school routine and bedtime to get through but so far so good. This definitely proves how much my kids, particularly RD, benefit from a strict consistent routine. Obviously this evening we have a bigger chunk of time to spend together so I'm hoping that positively impacts the bedtime routine...

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