Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Our Disneyland Adventure - Welcome to the most expensive place on earth!

So I knew Disneyland would be expensive but OMG nothing could prepare me for those ridiculous prices!

So the monsters were OK literally until we went through the gates to get into Disneyland, it's almost like Mickey Mouse has sprinkled some 'Lets act like spoilt brats and annoy the shit out of mummy' dust on them as they go through because they literally turned into real monsters, especially Cali, OMG she was being so rude and mouthy I actually took her on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (because I remember it being dark and a bit eerie) to scare her into shutting up. Yes bad mummy I know, but she was annoying the life out of me and desperate times call for desperate measures. But it worked she was scared shitless and actually calmed down and behaved after as that was my threat for the rest of the day:
'If you carry on being rude mummy will take you back on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!'

I last went to Disneyland maybe when I was around 15 for a school Drama Trip and it's a lot smaller than I remember. All the different sections are quite close to eachother. So we started in Fantasyland (Which has most of the little kids rides) and worked our way round.

We had a map of Disneyland which showed us the best and the cheaper places to eat so we decided to go for ribs at the Lucky Nugget which was like a saloon bar, OMG the ribs tasted sooo good and it wasn't actually as expensive as I was expecting 30Euro for lunch for me and the kids (Although over here I would never spend £30 on lunch for me and the kids)

We also made sure we got back to Main Street in time to get a space to watch the Disney Parade. Now people and thats including children and adults get on a bit stupid and will literally fight you for a front row spot to see the characters come down the road in the parade. Some little girl who looked around 10 who kept standing in front of RD then kept barging past him to go to the other side then would come back again. I was sooo annoyed I was like DO NOT PUSH HIM! But annoyingly she didnt speak English so I just glared at her mum hoping she would get the message that I wasn't amused and then told RD do not let her push you!! So anywayz the parade was fun although they sang the same bloody song over and over and over. After it had finished (It started around 5.30) most people went home so there were no ques for the rides which worked in our favour as we had got there late anywayz.

RD was a bit disappointed that we didnt see any characters walking about as he wanted a hug and a pic but he still enjoyed himself and was up for going on all the rides whereas Cali was scared of everything apart from the flying Dumbo ride.

We ended up leaving around 8pm just before they switched on the lights in the castle as I figured that if we left after it may be a mission to get the shuttle back to the hotel as everyone would be doing the same thing and it would be full, also we wanted to get back to the hotel in time to get dinner (seeing as I'd paid for that privilege) Although the kids were getting on my nerves I'm glad that I took them to Disneyland as it's an experience I know they will never forget.

Travel tips:
1. Try not go go early in the morning wait till the afternoon as you will cut out all the ques as there's less people in the park then. As it seems the majority of the people like to go there early and leave early.
2. Try going during the week then if you pre book you can get a very cheap ticket.

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