Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Our Disneyland Adventure - Explorers Hotel

So after doing a load of research I decided Explorers would be a good choice seeing as it was close to Disneyland, had a free shuttle and prided itself on being a hotel for children, full of fun children activities. So I went thinking Yes! The kids will be occupied so this will be fun... yeah... no!

OK so the hotel itself was huge but was also lovely but soon after we arrived I realized a few things:
1.       No Bellboys/Porters – No one helps you to your room like they do at a normal big family orientated hotel, you have to carry your bags there yourself. So if you travelled with a lot of luggage, tough shit basically
2.       If they can charge you for it they will – One good example, they had a bouncy castle outside in the play area (That you would assume you can go on as part of the package deal) that you had to pay 5Euros per child to use. Are you mad?!
3.       Lunch, what lunch? - As we arrived at a random time between lunch and dinner the only real option for lunch was Pizza/Chips or Doughnuts. Zero variety full of shit that would make your kids go completely bonkers and drive you crazy.

OK so after finding out way to the room ourselves (luckily the monsters have a better sense of direction than me) we went inside with our card key to find the room looked exactly as advertised, there was a very solid and comfy bunk bed, a double bed, flat screen tv, compact toilet and separate bathroom but absolutely no fridge, which I found bizarre and although the room was blue and bright orange it was really dark even with the lights on. The window was also stupid and dangerous and you could never leave that open if you have little ones who are at that climbing/escaping age. There's no net or blinds or anything on the window and people regularly walk past, now I only found this out after coming out of the shower naked to see a couple just casually strolling past so they got a good eyeful of my boobs. But the thing is it doesn't look like anywhere you would expect to see people walking, otherwise I would've been more cautious...

Now I paid for half board and was under the impression that as the hotel already gives you a free continental breakfast as standard that I was actually paying for  a hot breakfast, Nope! I had apparently paid all that extra money literally just for the privilege of getting dinner. I hated the breakfast, I despise continental breakfasts in general and this was full of white bread, when I don’t normally eat white bread as it gives me stomach aches but as there was nothing else really I had to eat it and deal with a stomach ache or crazy bloating later. Also breakfast time was like a cattle market ful of slow people crowding one thing. Actually can you believe they actually wanted me to pay an extra 4 Euros (each) to get a hot breakfast, HELL NO!
Now the dinner was the total opposite to Breakfast, it was soo yummy. It was buffet style and everything tasted sooo good and there was a great variety of hot food and meats. But dinner didn't even include a glass of wine which i was slightly disappointed about so I had to make do with the soft drinks.

Kids Activities
Now they had advertised a kids gym (which my 2 were really looking forward to using) but none of the staff culd seem to tell me where it was, eventually we found it and its not a gym at all it’s a small area by the lifts full of mostly broken equipment with no instructions on how to use any. But the indoor play park/ball pit and the indoor Aqua park were a hit with the monsters. I got to relieve a bit of my childhood flying down the waterslides. I did think it was weird that guest had to pay 2 Euros for towels though and even more weird that you are expected to keep that one towl for your whole stay.

So basically the hotel was  bit of a let down, everything was expensive and I had to give a 50 euro deposit just to borrow a bloody Iron/Ironing board. I honestly think I’d be better off going to some al inclusive hotel in the Caribbean. I will never do a budget holiday with the kids again, it works out more than a luxury holiday in the long run anyway. Safe to safe I have no future plans on taking the kids back there.

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