Monday, 21 September 2015

Nottinghill Carnival 2015

Carnival Sunday

So as per usual me and my gorgeous bestie jumped with Chocolate Nation for carnival Sunday (30th Aug) where we got covered in chocolate and coloured powder and danced through the streets of Nottinghill to the sounds of sweet Soca music. Every year the band seems to get bigger, there was soooo much people jumping. Also a tip for jumping with Chocolate Mas, if like me you cant be dealing with washing chocolate out of your hair when you get home then wear a cute wig, I did that this year, it just means at the end of the day you can take it off and you hair is perfect for the next day.

Carnival Monday

So Monday is the busier day when you see a lot more bands and amazing costumes. Now normally I do Fun Mas, which is normally a cheaper T-Shirt section but this year I actually wore a costume. I decided to go with Smokey Joe Road Show who were on the road with Eclipse. Now I chose this section partly because the costumes were pretty, bright and colourful but mostly because the costume matched my hair J Onike, the lady behind it was such a warm, friendly, bubbly person and did a great job. The costume package also included free food, which was yummy and free drinks and although it rained on and off we still had a wicked time.

Now the countdown begins for Nottinghill Carnival 2016!

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