Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Horse Riding

 So as my mum celebrated the big 60, Oh.. did I say 60?! I meant to say 35, yes my mother just turned 35... hahahaha. OK so I'll start again. As my mum celebrated her 35th birthday my sister and I planned a few big birthday surprises for her. The 1st surprise was taking her to the Canary Wharf Jazz festival and surprising her with a mini bus full of her closest friends and family. Then my sister took her on a mini cruise and the last surprise was horse riding, which was something my mum had always wanted to do. So we went down to Halls Place Equestrian centre in Berkshire where me, my mum and the monsters all went on a horse ride through the woods. The lady leading us was very friendly and chatty and clearly knew her stuff and was very into horses. I’m not really an animal lover but my horse was lovely and seemed to know what it was doing and didn’t really need any direction.

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