Thursday, 24 September 2015

Another annoying phase.. Fun,Fun,Fun...

So since the kids have started back school RD has turned into a monster, OMG he’s been so naughty and irritating. His new thing is making a nuisance of himself before we have to leave so he can make everyone late. I normally let the kids watch TV after they've gotten ready for school and his job is to switch off the TV before we leave, now before he was fine with it but now me saying switch the TV off makes him go off on one. He starts screaming and shouting that he will watch the TV and there’s nothing I can do about it, when that doesn’t work he’s like ‘Well I’ll pull everything down then’ so then he will tip over all the chairs at the table then he’ll go hide under his bed or the table and refuse to come out and put his shoes and coat on.

Also yesterday on our way home from school (As he acts up on the way to school and on the way home) we were crossing the road and a huge lorry had just turned in and was coming towards us so I’m like quick lets all get out the road and RD decided he didn’t need to move and held out his hand and said that the lorry needed to stop for him. I was like ‘Have you lost your mind, would you like to get lick down by a lorry today?’ so.. yeah.. he doesn’t really silly pointless things like that which is like sooo much fun for me.

 For some reason he feels like he doesn't need to listen to anything I say. At first I actually thought he genuinely had a hearing problem and was gonna take him doctors and get his ears checked, then I realized he was just being hardears.

I tried leaving him inside and closing the front door like ‘OK you stay there mummy is gonna leave you’  but he just happily stayed there and played with his toys, so now I have to put him outside the front door with his coat and shoes then he puts them on.

Like certain silly things he does I just allow because he’s a boy and also because sometimes he will do foolishness for attention so i just ignore him, but when he’s really naughty and wants to try raising his hand or shouting at me or pushing me those are the things I don’t allow. But the thing with him is any form of discipline or punishment I use he still happily goes back and does the same thing again to only get told off again and now when I tell him off and he knows he can’t win he will be like ‘Please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me’ now I remember Cali doing something similar when I took her to Barbados when she was 2, if I told her off for anything she would wait until people were passing then would drop on the floor and cover her head and shout ‘Please don’t beat me mummy’ I was like huh? This child didn't ever used to get licks (a smack) for her to even say that and now RD is trying the same thing. I was thinking if he now goes to school saying that they’re then gonna think I’m abusing him. If licks was my main form of discipline my two would get getting licks all the time, but my logic is if you always lick your kids it’s gonna stop being effective as they will get used to it.

I used to get licks as a child, I mean all of my friends did it was the norm, but licks never stopped me from being naughty like ever, I mostly found it funny that my mum was fuming that hard that she had to get frustrated and lick me (Yes I was a hyper little shit when I was little) I used to get licks with the belt and comb and basically anything that was in my mum’s hand, but I still did what she had just told me not to do because I was used to the licks, but if she was to lick me once in a while it would’ve been more of a shock then probably would’ve made me stop. Also if you start with licks and they still don’t listen where do you go from there? What, hit them harder with something and actually hurt them and break skin?

Also his behaviour feels 10 times more irritating as I’m having a shitty period so kinda have zero patience right now. But I would rather him behave this way now at this age so I can nip it in the bud then let it carry on till he’s like 10/11 because I know this boy is gonna be big like an American football player and it will then be 10 times harder to reign him in when he will probably be stronger than me. I intend to instil discipline and respect into him from now which is why I don’t let him get away with anything. But OMG this child is working my last nerve!

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