Monday, 21 September 2015

1st time flying with easyJet...

 So as me the monsters are used to flying longhaul with Virgin the thought of flying with easyJet scared me a bit, not because I thought it was unsafe or anything but more because I know how small their planes are and as you know I have a fear of small planes. We flew from Gatwicks North Terminal which I hate, as for some reason airlines there seem to lump all their passengers in one gigantic que instead of separate ques for different destinations/flight times. I downloaded the easyJet app and did a mobile check in which made life so much easier as I didn’t have to faff about with lots of extra paper, I simply had to show the boarding pass on my phone to so that it could be scanned. (A word of advice though, be sure to take a screen shot of your boarding pass so it can be viewed offline just in case your internet starts playing up and you cant access them via the app) So as I’d pre booked my suitcase (Which works out a lot cheaper then paying to take your suitcase on the day) we did a bag drop and went straight though to Duty Free for breakfast at Garfunkels.

So the wonderful thing about the easyJet app is that it sends you notifications anytime there's been the slightest change to your flight, so I knew the plane would be at least 20 minutes late so me and the monsters took our time and strolled casually to the gate that strangely was full of people queing for a plane... that wasn’t even there... Clearly none of them had bothered to download the app.
So anyway, once the plane arrived I experience the quickest turnaround on earth. EasyJet is literally like a bus, passengers exit quickly as soon as the doors open, you enter and as soon as you’re sat down the planes off! I felt like a bit of a snob on the plane as I literally compared everything to Virgin and obviously easyJey isn’t Virgin nor is it trying to be, its simply a modest plane that gets you safely from A to B. The seats were a bit shabby, the trays kept coming unclipped and falling into our laps, the toilets.... well the toilet was what you expect a toilet on a bus to look like... There wasn’t really much interaction with the cabin crew and passengers as they kinda just stayed at the front of the plane. But it was bearable for a short 40 minute flight.

OMG I forgot the noise that the plane was making, it sounded like a flying truck and the noise pretty much didn’t stop for the whole flight. Also on the way back I looked down and saw the carpet was taped with gaffer tape which had me like Wow! Please let me get home safe.
But saying all that it wasn’t a bad experience and after years of watching re-runs of their TV show ‘Airline’ I’m glad that me and my monsters got to experience flying with them.

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