Wednesday, 19 August 2015

You're too fat!!

That’s exactly what I got told by some rude annoying jackass Rasta while riding the ZR in Barbados. I thought I must’ve heard him wrong, he didn’t just tell me I’m fat, let me not lose my rag. What was even more annoying was he could only see my boobs and my head from where he was sitting. He then continued to waffle on and sell me some nasty looking ‘herbal’ drink (Which looked like watery diarrhoea by the way) that would help me to lose weight.

I was like ‘Who told you I wanted to lose weight?!’ then he went off on some rant about how his (black) people are getting too fat and killing themselves with diabetes and obesity, most of which went over my head as I had to confirm once again ‘Did you seriously just call me fat, have you lost your mind?!’ It’s almost like I had some sign on my head that day that said ‘Please, Please piss me off!' needless to say I-wanted-to-slap-him.

1 comment:

  1. What is wrong with people?! You should have slapped him lol! I'm of Nigerian decent and it's very often that the older generation think it's ok to tell people that they're too fat and much worse. Often times, they're hardly ones that can talk themselves. Ignore the fool!