Friday, 21 August 2015

I love Barbados everyone thinks I’m young :)

So one of the biggest ego boosts is when someone thinks you're a lot younger than you are. I get it every now and then over here, but in Barbados I got it all the time. Everyone thought I was early 20s and a few even thought I was a teen, OMG how much did my head swell. All those lovely compliments more than made up for that jackass saying I was too fat. It felt even better watching peoples reactions when I told them I was actually 10 years older than they thought, although I didn’t correct everyone, I mostly just basked in the moment, it was great! So if you’re having a fat and ugly day, go to Barbados the people will make you feel young and beautiful, unless... you bump into that annoying Rasta then he will make you feel fatter and uglier, TWAT!

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