Thursday, 20 August 2015

Barbados Cropover 2015- Foreday Morning

As I was in charge of finding us a good Foreday morning band to jump with I made sure I did my research well as I didn’t want to be hated for choosing a really crap one. For those who don’t know what Foreday morning is, it’s basically a carnival that takes place at night and comes before the main daytime carnival. Some islands also refer to it as Jouvert.
After a lot of Facebook and YouTube searches I decided on Mas Invasion as I loved how they seemed to be the only band glowing with flashing lights which looked like fun. I also didn’t want a really commercial or ridiculously huge band full of English people, I wanted a band that had more local people in it, as I’ve found from experience that more ‘diverse’ the crowd the less Soca they play as they feel they have to cater to everyone and play a mix of annoying music that you could easily hear any day of the week in the UK.

So this year’s theme was all about the Neon which me and my Cropover crew (My auntie and her friend) loved. As it was our first time jumping we decided to go for the cheapest costume which was a neon baby Tee, bright blue 50s style high waisted knickers and a bright purple wig that had flashing lights in it (OMG amazing!) as well as flashing glasses.

It was very easy to order online and came to around £60 but that also included food and unlimited drinks, which was pretty reasonable and seemed to be the standard price across all the bands I looked at.

The folks who run Mas Invasion were very professional, helpful and friendly and quickly responded to my 10 million queries. The band house wasn’t too far from town but I have the worse sense of direction and between us didn’t have a clue so luckily my great aunt walked us there (But you could easily catch a ZR up from town) Once at the band camp everyone was lovely and we didn’t have to hang around forever waiting for our costumes, we had a look and they were happy to help if we needed to change anything. They told us our truck number and where and when to meet and we were on our way.

So the Friday night of Foreday morning we arrived at the meeting point near Bridgetown around 11.30pm and we didn’t actually get moving till near 1am, but it wasn’t a big problem as there were lots of other bands at our meeting point, so we got to socialise and there was also lots of music and free drinks. By the time we were ready to start the route we were suitably liquored up. It was soooo much fun everyone in the band was happy and enjoying themselves no bad vibes at all. There was lots of paint being thrown around, so although we started off completely clean and immaculate, by the end we looked like a rainbow, but that’s all part of the fun. As well as the free drinks another thing I noticed which I thought was a really good idea was the travelling portaloos. They actually had 2 portaloos on one of the trucks so you didn’t have to wonder off and pee in a bush (like we sometimes have to do at Nottinghill carnival) it was just so convenient and such a strange sensation peeing in a moving toilet.

Foreday morning went on until the early hours of the morning, it was bright by the time it had all finished and we all had the best time. We saw all different ages there (obviously no children) but I’m in my 30s and loved it and my auntie and friend obviously are a lot older than me and they both enjoyed it as much as me and we all can’t wait to jump with them again. So if you’re looking to go Barbados for Cropover next year I would definitely recommend Mas Invasion, trust me you will have soooo much fun. 

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