Saturday, 22 August 2015

Barbados Cropover 2015 - South Gap Hotel

Now as Virgin had a really good deal at South Gap Hotel and my cousin and uncle had stayed there before and liked it I thought this would be a good choice for my holiday. I loved that literally every room had an ocean view and that it wasn’t a huge sprawling hotel it’s quite a small, cute, intimate boutique type self catering hotel. The hotel is on the South Coast of Barbados and is located right in the middle of the very popular St Lawrence Gap so you’re right by all the action, like seriously all the main nightclubs and bars are literally on your doorstep, its great! It’s basically the perfect place to stay if you are simply going to Barbados to enjoy all the Cropover festivities.

So the rooms are quite big. I stayed in room 114 on the 1st floor and had a king-sized bed, a big flat screen TV, Fridge/Freezer, Hobs and a Microwave. There was also a ceiling fan and Air Conditioning (which didn’t seem to like me and kept switching itself off) plenty of storage and a huge balcony where I enjoyed sitting with a rum punch and looking out on the ocean.

The ladies at reception were all so friendly and helpful as well as the manager Cecile who went out of her way to try and sort out my crazy A/C that just seemed to rebel against everyone who tried to fix it. The room was cleaned everyday (well the days I wasn’t sleeping off a hangover...) and the housekeepers were lovely. My phone charger also decided to die and the ladies at reception and even the night guard had no problems with lending me their phone chargers. They also sorted out the nicest Taxi guy who really looked after us and gave us a good deal so we just used him all the time.

So I was given a Rum Punch voucher on arrival and then a lunch and dinner voucher towards the end of my stay which I was sooo grateful for because the food was soooo tasty, so much options and all come with a starter (that was more like a main) a main, desert and a drink which could include Rum Punch or a cocktail. Seriously the portions are generous and you could easily share. I had steak on the last night and it was so fat I couldn’t even finish it... but I gave it a good go. Also you know how dodgy my belly is and the food never gave me a stomach ache so clearly the food is good J Also if you fancy mixing it up a bit there are street vendors literally just outside the front of the hotel that sell various Caribbean and familiar American dishes.

So they have water aerobics in the pool downstairs twice a week that I really wanted to go to but kept missing. The pool was quite big for the size of the hotel and goes to around 6ft (I believe) so if you’re a swimmer you could comfortably get in a few laps. I was bursting to but I didn’t bring my swimming cap and there was no way I was getting my hair wet, so I just kinda paddled *cough cough posed and took selfies* around the pool.

Now South Gap doesn’t have direct access to the beach but you can literally go a few minutes down the road and Dover Beach is just there. Make sure you walk with the 2 necessities; Bottle of Water and a Rum Punch. The beach can get a bit rough, if you’re taking the munchkins I wouldn’t let them go in by themselves. But as you probably already know the beaches on the West Coast are calmer so always worth taking a trip up that way.

Kids Activities
OK so, I wouldn’t bring my 2 monsters here because they would just be bored as there’s no kids clubs so I would be exhausted from entertaining them 24/7 and cooking for them that I wouldn’t even enjoy the holiday. But if they were a bit older; maybe teens, where they’re a bit more independent and happy to just split their time between the pool and beach then that would be fine.  Actually... I stayed somewhere similar a bit further down The Gap when I was 16 and thought it was great and me and my cousin did just that, split our time between the pool and beach and town.

South Gap is definitely somewhere to come with your friends/family if you’re on a tight budget but still want somewhere nice, safe and central that doesn’t look or feel cheap. It is also very very popular, so be sure to book early. Also despite the bi polar A/C I loved this place, it almost felt like I was staying with family which made it harder to leave. But they can’t get rid of me that easily, I will be back next year J

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