Wednesday, 19 August 2015

1st time flying Premium Economy

So when I booked my holiday through Virgin Holidays last year they had a fantastic offer on upgrades, so I decided to upgrade to Premium economy both ways. OMG one of the best decisions I could’ve made.
So 1st of all I was allowed to take 2 suitcases instead of the usual 1 and I could also pre select my seats in advance for free (as most airlines now charge you for this privilege) So as the configuration was 3-3-3 I decided to choose an aisle seat in the middle section as I figured a couple would sit next to me so wouldn’t need to bother me about moving when they need to use the toilet.
So after a swift check in I was told to go through the Premium security section, (which I didn’t even know existed till that day) and quickly sped through to duty free... well actually not before I took a few selfies by the Premium section sign J

So once on the plane, I realized how small it was and almost walked past premium as it was such a tiny section. But when I came back and found my seat I was pleasantly surprised. As someone who has only ever travelled in economy, I not only noticed how comfy the big, soft purple leather seat was, but also how much room I had to stretch my legs. Let’s not forget the footrest, who knew such a tiny detail could make such a difference. I was so comfy resting my feet on the foot rest that I didn’t actually need to rock my seat back to get comfy to sleep (but I did anyway just because I could.)
Also did I mention the glass of fizz you get before takeoff, yes I said glass, you get a real glass in premium economy sweetie.
Now I’m not normally a fan of plane food, but the food in premium economy was soooo tasty I was shocked. I actually ate everything and you get real cutlery and they were not stingy on the drinks either, so I happily drank red wine for the whole flight. They also give you an after dinner liquor so you can either have Brandy or Kahlua (I think) I never said no to a drink.
As always the in flight entertainment was good, I found a few films that I wanted to watch like The Duff, Bessie and Get Hard. Well I say watch, but most of the time the films watched me. Mysteriously I always managed to wake up anytime the food or drinks trolley came around.

It goes without saying the cabin crew were lovely and friendly and chatty and nothing was ever too much trouble for them. The flight was also very smooth both ways which was a plus. So because I had such an amazing experience I now don’t want to go back to economy again. I LOVE PREMIUM ECONOMY!!!!!

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