Friday, 17 July 2015

Tour of the Caribbean

OK so I already know this could potentially be more costly than my plans to travel around Amercia (Which means it may not happen for a few years) but I wanna kinda island hop around the Caribbean so the kids can learn more about their history and see where they came from. I particularly wanna take them to St Kitts and Jamaica so that they can see where my dad and their dad grew up and meet their extended family. Plus I’ve never even been to St Kitts so that will be an experience for me too. I’d love to visit a couple commercial islands as well as the unspoilt non commercial ones just so that we can see the difference between the islands. I wanna stay outside of town so that the monsters can make friends with the locals kids and we can have a more authentic experience. I wanna take them to historical places so that they can learn about black and more particularly their Caribbean history and of course I wanna take them to see all the beautiful beaches and sample the local cuisine *cough cough and the local rum*. Once again I wanna go for the cheapest options of travelling through the Caribbean so will try to take boats as much as I can, if not I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and catch a Liat or Caribbean airlines plane, which are tiny, too small for me, even just typing that I may have to go on one makes my heart race. But I guess if there’s no other option I will just take a few shots of
some extra strong Caribbean rum to calm my nerves before I board.

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