Thursday, 16 July 2015

Mummy why cant I go outside?

So I put the monsters to bed at 7pm (very latest 7.30) and when they look outside and see their friends playing happily they don’t understand why they’re in bed while they’re friends are out. OK, so I have absolutely no desire for my kids who are 5 and 6 to be outside playing all after 7 when their bedtime is at 7. Because if I let them play out till that time then by the time they get in, shower, have their hot drink and bedtime story it would be near 9 and I don’t feel they need to be up at that time on a school day, especially as most mornings they complain that they’re still sleepy. So I don’t even wanna imagine how annoyingly whingey they would be after going to bed at 9pm each night. I see some little kids playing outside till 9-10pm  with no supervision which I think is crazy. Fair enough it’s light outside but it’s still late so there’s no way I’d let my 2 out at that time unaccompanied, OMG I’d be a nervous wreck!

Also we have a weekday routine and I find it makes life easier when we stick to it, which is why I let them play outside early. I’ve had RD’s friends knocking for him after 8 which I find totally bizarre, I’ll answer the door like RD is in bed, why aren’t you?? Also I cherish my Jade time once they’ve gone to bed I wouldn’t purposely do anything to eat into that time. Fair enough every once in a while staying out late under my supervision is fine but not everyday, No No No.

I always teach Cali and RD not to be followers so when they do say “How come our friends can play outside at night and we can’t” I simply reply “You are not your friends,” and they know exactly what I mean. We don’t follow fashion around here.

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