Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dropping a dress size

So as I continue to pile on the weight, I am now a very snug size 18.. kinda leaning towards a size 20. Now I’ve been a size 20 before and I hated it, I was 15 stone and a size 20 and totally depressed. This was just after I’d had RD 5 years ago, I was so sad and paranoid. I remember going to the dietician and just being sad and crying so much that the dietician started crying too. I’ve never felt so down about my appearance before. I was getting leg and back pains from all the weight I was carrying and I couldn’t fit into any of my pretty clothes. Then after the dietician helped me get back on track, I swore I’d never be that size again, yet here I am years later nearing a size 20 and slowly creeping up to 14 stone and I fucking hate it!
Even worse, I’m going on holiday and I don’t wanna look like the token fatty. I know I’m not gonna get back to a size 14 before my holiday, but I feel a size 16 is an achievable goal if I work hard enough. Basically I have to be super strict with myself as failure is not an option. All my holiday clothes are a big 14/16 and I refuse to spend more on new clothes when I already have a fab holiday wardrobe.
So I figured if I listen to my trainer and eat 5 small meals a day, drink lots of water, go gym at least 3 times a week then do my fun dance workouts the rest of the week, use my Ultra Slim pro twice a week and use my (Argos version of the) Slendertone everyday, cut down on my sweets and alcohol then hopefully I should be a size 16 in time and will look half decent on the beach this summer.

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