Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Do you really need a kids club?

Umm... if you’re travelling solo with the kid’s then hell yeah, a kids club is a necessity especially if you only go on one holiday a year. A kids club allows you to have some ‘Me time’ and enjoy the holiday too.  You don’t have to use it all the time, but it’s nice that it’s there when you need a break. It’s also good for the kids to go and make new friends and play new games. As the kids get older you’ll find (well from what I’ve seen) that they won’t wanna hang out with you at all (because you’re not as cool and their new very cool foreign friends) and will go in and out of the kids club as they please, leaving you to laze on the beach with a cocktail and lets face it, what child really enjoys relaxing, they just don’t get that staying still can be a good thing. If I ever forced my kids to relax on the beach with me they would both complain that they’re dying of boredom.
Also a kids club means a reliable babysitting service. So if you fancy going out for a drink or to shake a leg in the evening or even going to one of the hotel restaurants that only allow kids over the age of 12 at least you know your kids are in safe hands as in my experience the kids club ladies also double up as babysitters.
So I’d definitely recommend going somewhere with a good kids club. Really read the reviews (and check the forums and message people who have been on Tripadvisor) because not all kids clubs are good. You may have to pay more for that luxury but it’s definitely worth it if it means you all have a fab stress free holiday.

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