Thursday, 2 July 2015

Carnival Chaser

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know how much I like the Caribbean, Soca, Carnivals *cough cough and rum* so you wont be surprised to see that I really want to take an entire year and simply go to all the carnivals around the world. I’d love to see the differences in costumes, culture and music. Because essentially the carnival would be the same format but it would be interesting to see how each country interprets it.
 Berlin Carnival of Cultures (May)
After following this carnival for a couple of years on Facebook I now really want to experience Berlin as it looks like soo much fun and is non stop partying for the whole weekend. I don’t even think you really get the chance to sleep. Typically Germany wouldn’t be a place I’d want to visit again after experiencing a bit of ignorance and racism when I went there in my teens, but seeing the pictures and hearing about how it brings lots of different cultures together makes me want to give Germany another chance.

Rio Carnival Brazil (Feb/March)
Now who doesn’t wanna go to this one, it’s like the biggest carnival in the world. With a few days of parades it’s like one big party. It’s so colourful and flamboyant and I wanna go just to say that I went.

Hollywood Carnival (June)
Now curiosity more than anything makes me wanna go to this carnival, because I don’t think I’ll believe that there’s an actual Caribbean carnival in Los Angeles on Hollywood Boulevard unless I see it for myself. I just wanna see the set up and if it’s authentic or a watered down version of carnival. There must be lots of rules and restrictions. But I still just wanna go!

Trinidad Carnival (Feb)
Now I’ve been trying to go to this carnival since my uni days and why wouldn’t I?  It’s like the biggest carnival in the Caribbean. The costumes are beautiful and extravagant (and expensive) but I think I would rather just enjoy the billions of parties leading up to carnival and stand on the sidelines and watch the parade as opposed to jumping, unless.... a band wants to sponsor me.... J

Although all of the carnivals I mentioned have already happened this year,If you fancy experiencing a carnival heres a few that are coming up:
  • Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival (formally known as Caribana) 17th July- 5th August
  • Zoomer Carnival Rotterdam, Holland 25th July
  • Cropover, Barbados 2nd – 3rd August
  • Nottinghill Carnival, London 30th-31st August
  • Miami Carnival, Florida 11th October 

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