Sunday, 14 June 2015

Why I wont be training my waist

So as someone who is desperately trying to loose weight, particularly from my saggy C-section belly, I was really intrigued when I started to see this whole corset/waist training craze. I thought, Yes! I can put this on everyday and exercise and my waist/belly would magically disappear. Then due to the price I decided to start really looking into this new fad and became sceptical. After reading various articles and watching ‘expert’ videos on YouTube I found that these magical corsets can’t actually shrink your waist smaller than what it’s supposed to be. So if for example you currently have a 38 inch waist and your body type can only physically go down to a 32 inch waist you will never shrink it to your ideal 21 inch waist without causing some form of internal damage.
So I’m glad I didn’t spend my money on one and although I am always looking for any quick fix to cheat my into a small waist and flat stomach, I know this particular method isn’t for me. Also I wear shapewear everyday which can sometimes be uncomfortable if you wear it all day, so I can’t imagine wearing a tight corset would be comfortable at all and I’m not about to walk around in pain all for the price of beauty.

Annoyingly I will just stick to the good old fashioned method of diet and exercise and I will lose this bloody belly!

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