Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The most important part of travelling... Choosing a cute outfit ;)

OK so obviously after packing your holiday clothes the next most important outfit to plan is the one you will travel in. Now I plan my travel outfit from early and as I wear more of less the same kinda thing when I fly it’s a pretty easy process.
Now here’s a typical outfit for me:

1.  Leggings 
I always wear leggings because I think they’re super comfy and flexible which is perfect for a long haul flight. I don’t wear jeans as I find them quite restrictive and can dig when you sit down.

2.  Baggy Vest Top 
I purposely wear a baggy vest as the last thing I want is a tight top showing off all the rolls on my belly when I sit down. I also find that I can sometimes get bloated on a long flight so it’s nice and roomy and hides everything. Also when I’m travelling to a hot country I can just peel off the rest of my clothes and keep cool in my vest until I reach the hotel.

3.   Oversized scarf 
This is more for comfort and to help keep me warm as it’s normally quite cold at the time when I catch the coach to the airport.

4.  Biker Jacket 
I’m not gonna lie, this is more of a fashion statement as the jacket alone doesn’t really keep me warm but it looks cute and kinda dresses up a seemingly casual outfit. Also as its light I can just chuck it in my suitcase or bag or even hold it with no problems.

5.  New Rock Boots 
 These are my favourite boots and are very comfy which is important if like me you love to wonder round duty free for ages and walk to your plane at gate 10 billion. The last thing you want is shoes that kill your feet and are so tight that you can’t even get them back on your foot after a long flight. Also they make me look tall and thin (in my mind) which is a bonus J

6.   My big yellow handbag 
I always take a big colourful handbag with lots of compartments so that it can hold everything securely and minimise the amount I actually have to carry in my hand. I used to have a big bright green bag, now I have a yellow one. I just feel it brightens up my whole outfit.

7.   Black cardigan 
 I always wear a cardigan to help keep me warm especially on the plane as I couldn’t imagine keeping my jacket on or just sitting in my vest. It’s also for comfort too. I tend to wear a black cardigan just in case anything drops on it, it won’t stain.

8.   Sunglasses 
 You can’t go on an exotic holiday without your fav pair of stylish sunnies. I also use them to hide the crazy bags under my eyes while travelling super early hours of the morning.

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