Monday, 15 June 2015

Reliving my youth :)

Now when I was in my teens and everyone was all about clubbing holidays to Ibiza, ‘Napa and Faliraki, I wasn’t the slightest bit interested as I was going on holidays to Barbabos with my family. My 1st experience of a clubbing type holiday was’t until I was in my early 20s and studying at university in Spain. We lived on the strip in Benidorm so most weekends we got to kinda experience the whole clubbing scene and it was actually a lot of fun. But I’ve not been on a clubbing holiday since.
But now that I’m maybe having some kind of premature midlife crisis, I really wanna go to one of those countries that I turned my nose up at in my teens just to experience it for myself and in some ways relieve my youth. Theres no way I wanna go for more than a week though, just a long weekend would be fine, so 2 nights of raving and drinking excessively is fine, I’m not trying to go crazy and completely ruin my liver. I really wanna experience that watermelon drink and take advantage of the cheap/free alcohol.
But I’m concerned that as an 'older person' and a mummy I may watch all the ‘kids’ with my mummy eye and wanna look after them especially if they’re completed wasted or get separated from their friends and it’s their 1st time away from their parents. Which means I wouldn’t wanna drink as much or go crazy which kinda defeats the whole object of going.
 But if I do go I wanna go before Cali and RD are at the age where they might wanna go, so I’ll know 1st hand exactly what they may get up to out there... Ha! Forward thinking. Nothing gets past mummy, can we say sun, sex and suspicious parents J

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