Thursday, 11 June 2015

My little water babies

So as I really can’t afford to send both of my monsters to swimming lessons, I thought I’d teach them how to swim myself, which was part of the reason why I joined the gym as the kids get to swim there for free. The aim is for them to be confident swimmers within 6 months (even if it’s with armbands) I want them to be proper water babies as I knew how to swim from a young age and I don’t want them to end up being scared of the water. So I have started them off with a swim ring and armbands and will then gradually take away the swim ring and introduce a float, then take away the armbands, then, we will start doing underwater stuff. Even though we all have goggles I’ve realized that RD doesn’t like water splashing up on his face, so when he tries to swim he does it very upright, he reminds me of the famous 200m American runner Michael Johnson, but a swimming version. He has mastered kicking his legs and is always so amazed that if he kicks his legs it makes him move. Cali doesn’t care, she loves to splash about and dip her head under the water and look at our legs. She has grasped the arm movements of the front stroke but she struggles to coordinate her legs. She’s able to swim a little with just her armbands, but she gets so excited that she loses momentum halfway through then struggles to coordinate her body again. Also her mouth is always open catching water. I really need to film them both swimming because watching them is hilarious.

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