Friday, 26 June 2015

Mobile boarding passes

So when I went to Tobago, I noticed a lot of people using their phones to go through security at Gatwick. I was thinking, why are they showing their phones? So, me, being nosey, had a closer look and saw people had some kinda barcode on their phone, you know, them funny ones in a square and security were scanning their phones as opposed to scanning their boarding pass.
Now I’m in two minds about this whole mobile boarding pass thing. I think it’s a great that you can have all that information on your phone and not have to flap about with boarding passes that usually go missing at the very bottom of my bag which then causes me to have a mini heart attack thinking I’ve lost them and won’t be able to board my flight. But, my phone is sooo temperamental, what happens if it randomly crashes/freezes and refuses to switch back on (which my phone is known to do) then what would I do? Or what happens if the scanning has some kinda affect on your phone or customs/immigration bug your phone? Or am I being too paranoid hahaha
I’ve done a mobile check in... No wait.... Have I? No, sorry I’ve done an online check in. Actually I always check in online, I find it makes everything easier as I can then relax knowing that once I reach the airport all I have to do is a bag drop. I also like knowing that I’m sitting somewhere that I’ve selected as opposed to being handed whatever seat is available.
But I am planning on doing a big trip with the kids next year, so I think I may actually consider mobile check in and a mobile boarding pass to avoid the stress of keeping track of lots of bits of paper and hopefully by that time I will have a new and more reliable phone.

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