Saturday, 13 June 2015

Everything is not a competition

So Cali has always been fiercely competitive but now it’s getting out of control. Everything is a competition to her (even when no one is actually trying to compete with her.) She always has to be first and will literally do anything to win.
Take the other day for example, I let Cali and RD ride their scooters to dance class and straight away Cali had to barge past RD to get away first. Now RD wasn’t even trying to race her he was just happy to be on his scooter, but Cali kept waiting for him to catch up then swerved all over the place purposely so that he couldn’t pass, then when he finally passed her she was like 'STOP! We have to wait for mummy.’ So when RD stopped, she mumbled ‘We can go now,’ quietly so he couldn’t hear and she then sped off ahead of him. I explained to her numerous times that everything isn’t a competition and stop trying to hurt RD and herself just to be first. But she still continued to barge RD out the way and she’s happy to mash up herself while trying to win, which is something I will never understand. Needless to say she is the biggest sore loser ever. I’m just hoping it’s something that she grows out of.

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