Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Britmums live

So this was my 2nd year at Britmums Live and it was good to not be the newbie and kinda know what I was walking into. I’m so glad they didn’t change the venue cuz I’m crap at finding new places as I have the worst sense of direction ever. The 2 day event was at the very posh ‘The Brewery’ in London again and before I even went inside I noticed that they had 2 beautiful outdoor areas this year, OMG so pretty. It was lovely getting to catch up with Gailann from the blog MummaG and Kimmi  who writes Living with Mr M, who I met at Britmums last year who both looked fab and I got to see Kimmi's new baby who is the cutest little munchkin ever and I finally got to meet Charlotte the mummy blogger behind Berice Baby.
I really enjoyed the inspirational short by disability and disfigurement rights campaign manager Victoria Wright. Also attempting and breaking a Guinness World record was pretty amazing. Hearing how successful bloggers do it and hearing how top bloggers basically make their money was soooo helpful and I really took a lot from that. It was definitely a popular talk as the room was so packed people actually had to sit on the floor.
Also the wine and the BiBs party and awards was fun, oh and did I say the wine?
As always there was lots of interesting brands, although I did notice a few missing from last year.It was nice mingling with lots of mummy bloggers who, like me were just happy to be getting a break from the kids. The bloggers keynotes at the end were emotional but surprisingly I actually didn’t cry, I even had my tissues ready and no tears for once.  I also found out that Vicky who writes Being Tillys Mummy moonlights as a magician and magically made the 1 bottle of wine on our table turn into 3, I clearly have so much to learn lol
Loved the goodie bag lots of useful things inside, there was a chocolate that was meant for the kids but I might have kinda maybe eaten it, Shhh don’t tell them...

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