Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Our little Heathrow Project

Seeing as the kids love planes and airports soooo much and we are not going on holiday anytime soon I thought it would be nice to take them to Heathrow for the day to hang out and watch planes. Then I remembered my kids are not good at sitting still and would get easily distracted and start troubling stuff or try to run about or swing off of something dangerous and basically get on my nearves, so I thought I would make the day into an actual project. So I made them little workbooks and had various activities for each terminal we went to weather it was finding a particular airlines check out desk and finding out where that plane was flying to or spotting certain shops they always had something to do so they were really well behaved.
 - - - - - - - -
One activity which was a favourite was plane spotting, We went to The Flying Chariot for lunch in Terminal 2 and the kids both had different pictures of planes that I had printed out and they had to look out for them and tick them off when they saw them, which is something that RD in particular was really excited about, he was also counting to see how long it took for each plane to take off, which got us all interested as we saw certain planes only needed half the runway to take off while others (the same size) literally needed to whole runway and would take off slowly, then there were others who immediately took off and disappeared quickly.. Also the Flying Chariot has the best views of the runway and we were fortunate enough to see planes take off then start landing right in front of us, which even I thought was pretty cool, to be honest I was probably more excited than the kids as in my head I'm a secret plane nerd who thinks aviation is the best thing ever. 
- - - - - - - -
The kids also took their Innotabs as I incorporated them into the project too so they had a list of things they had to take pictures of, which they loved. Also I dunno if it was the time that we went (We got there about 12ish) but the airport was pretty empty, especially Terminal 1 which was eerily empty and quite like a ghost town with only a few planes passing through hours apart. I would hate to have an early flight from there as I can imagine random people may come in at night for a sleep on the chairs (as there's lots of chairs and no people/flights) and that terminal is quite far out by itself. But then it we did see a sign saying Terminal 1 was going so that's maybe the reason why. Terminal 2 was the total opposite very modern looking and had signs of life lol and we didn't manage to reach Terminal 3 as we had to catch our coach home; this was where the Innotabs came in handy again as it kept the kids entertained and in 1 place until we got home.
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I definitely want to do this with them again at some point as it was a fun family activity and we all enjoyed it... although next time it would be nice if we were actually going on a plane somewhere.....

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