Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Tobago Adventure - Tobago Jazz Experience

OK so we went to Tobago Primarily to take in the Tobago Jazz Experience, which is basically a Jazz Festival but it's not strictly Jazz music that's performed, there's a variety of artists from the Caribbean and the US and further afield who perform at shows on various nights throughout April.
This year the main international head-liners were; Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott, Miguel & Kool & the Gang but there was also Caribbean popular acts like Busy Signal, Kes The Band & Machal Montano.
Now we thought the Jazz Festival just consisted of these 3 big shows on the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of April but when we actually got to Tobago we found out there was a lot of smaller (free) shows going on around the island during the day all leading up to the main events on the weekend of 24th April.

We decided to go on the Sunday to see Jill Scott and Kool and the Gang. It was at a place called Pigeon Point, which meant we had to get a cab into town and then a special shuttle into the actual event (or you could've walked down the extra long dark road leading to the event) Now we got our tickets in advance and arrived fashionably late.. actually we arrived super late because of my stupid dodgy stomach which made me have a few panic attacks before we even left our room :( My friend was lovely though and didn't try to rush me and tried to make me feel as relaxed as possible, but then I still felt bad that we had spent money on tickets to see a show and it was all my fault we would be really late.

OK so the plus side of being late,
you don't have to pay to get in... something I wish I would've known before.. but the actual event was lovely and very clean and organised. On one side you had the VIPs and the other side standard tickets. Now the only difference between the two sides was that the VIP got free food and drinks (and obviously on the standard side you could just buy from the many official food stalls at the festival) but both sides had comfy chairs and enough room to dance. Even the toilets were nice which meant that we spent a while hanging out in there touching up make up and taking selfies, as you do...

So as we were so late we missed Jill Scott but we caught Kool & The Gang, wow what an amazing production, they sang all the favourites, then had everyone up dancing. It was lovely to see so many different kinds of people there and I'm not just talking Black/White Caribbean etc there was old people, little kids, families, groups of friends and everyone just joined in especially when 'Get down on it' and 'Celebration' came on. They did such a good job and they were totally live (you know how some people say 'live' but 'sing' over a backing track of their own voice) Kool & The Gang were the real deal. Watching them actually made me miss the days when music sounded like this and brought people together. Both me and the bestie had an amazing time and are now thinking which Jazz Festival we need to hit next :)

Also I nearly forgot these shows are family friendly and the big shows start around early evening and last a while so you could easily take your munchkins for a dance then when they get tired you could sit down or even just go home or the free events during the day are normally on a beach and we saw families walking with their picnics so those events would be great for a family day out.

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