Friday, 8 May 2015

My Tobago Adventure - Gatwick North Terminal... meh

So I normally tend to catch the coach to the airport when I’m going on hols but I’m not sure if I normally catch it as early as I did this time around (like 3am or some ridiculous time), literally as soon as I found my seat I was knocked out (along with everyone else on the coach) we were all sleeping so hard that the coach driver actually had to make a few announcements when we were approaching terminals and when we had stopped, because if he never made all those announcements (in his big booming Welsh voice) I would’ve missed my stop completely. It was such a comfy coach ride though and for once the coach wasn’t full so everyone had 2 seats to themselves.
Also a tip (as obvious as it may seem) book your coach tickets early, like the earlier the better. Doesn’t matter if like me you book your holidays 6-12 months in advance still book it after your holiday has been confirmed as you will get cheaper tickets.

So I arrived at Gatwick’s North terminal assuming
it would be the same as the South Terminal, ummm.. no it’s completely different and because I’m sooo used to going from the South terminal I was a bit like wtf?! There were long queues everywhere (I never see queues in South Terminal) so I found the check in desks for British Airways and saw a massive queue, so I’m there feeling smug that I checked in online and just have to do a bag drop only to be told that the baggage belts were not working and I would have to join the main queue. So I was thinking OK this looks like one big queue but really there must be separate queues for each of the destinations, Nope! British Airways lumps you all together so I had people in the queue going to Nice, Edinburgh, Tobago, Antigua and Jamaica (those were the only ones I caught there was probably a lot more) and obviously the planes are leaving at different times but we are all in the same big ass queue. So then the BA staff started shouting for people for the earlier flights to come forwards. It was such a mess.

Anywayz once my bag was safely checked in I went straight through to duty free (because there’s literally jack shit to do in the North Terminal) and was baffled again by the layout as it’s obviously sooo different to what I’m used to at the South Terminal. But I eventually found somewhere to get some breakfast.

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