Friday, 8 May 2015

My Tobago Adventure - Garfunkels

So as I’ve said a billion times I normally go from the South Terminal so I would usually eat in The Flying Horse so wanted to find something similar in the North, so I thought Garfunkels would be a good alternative. 
Although I was hungry, I wasn’t hungry enough to eat a full English Breakfast so I asked for the children’s breakfast, but they refused to serve it to me which I thought was dumb, so I had to just pick single items off the list and pay separately for them. So I ended up having eggs, bacon and toast which worked out slightly cheaper than a full sized breakfast (but obviously not as cheap as the children’s one) but I still think it was silly that they wouldn’t serve me the kids breakfast, like what difference would that make to their day? The waitress kept saying, “It’s for under 10’s and you’re not under 10,”  OMG I’m not under 10? Really? Bloody jobsworth, needless to say I didn’t leave her a tip, Cow! Hahahahaha.
Anywayz the breakfast was yummy and the food was presented well on a big bright white plate, like the sight of it just made my mouth water, like literally cuz I hadn’t eaten since the day before. I washed it down with my beloved Camomile tea and my usual Malibu and Cranberry juice, well I was on holiday so drinking alcohol at like 8am is perfectly fine in my world, although the waitress did try comment on it, I was thinking who asked you? Like I’m the 1st person you’ve served alcohol to this morning!

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