Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Miss Madam

So recently Cali has started to roll her eyes and steupse (Kiss her teeth) when I’m talking to her, OMG she’s such a little madam. Anytime I ask her to do something she doesn’t particularly want to do, she will look right at me, roll her eyes and grunt “Yes Mummy,” I’m like “Excuse you, who are you rolling your eyes at?” Then she’ll get brave and roll her eyes again and stomp off in true Kevin and Perry style, then I use the infamous line my mum used to use on me when I used to stomp off and slam doors;
“Stomp yourself back in here!”  Then I make her walk to the naughty corner nicely, which probably irritates her, but oh well, you don’t have an attitude with mummy, as Judge Judy always says;
“There’s only one attitude in here and that’s mine!”

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