Tuesday, 5 May 2015


So I was very happy to recieve these Aveeno products in the post and it was such good timing because I had literally just run out and although I love these products they're not cheap. These really work well on the kids as their skin is so random one minute they have super dry skin then the min minute it's fine then they have eczema then they don't. I particularly love the moisturing cream as it's a bit thicker than the moisturizing lotion, I also think it's a really good idea that Aveeno are now putting out their own books called The Dry-ventures of Ellie & Eddie as they're good at explaining why you shouls keep your skin moisturized, Cali loves the books as soon as she saw it she took it to her room and added it to her collection of books on her bed.I haven't even read the book so I can't even tell you what this ones about because Cali has claimed it and won't give it back but it must be interesting if she doesn't wanna share it...

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