Monday, 13 April 2015

Calis 1st TV Commercial...

So after a 6am start (Who knew a kids commercial shoot could start so early?) we got a coach from Pinewood Studios to the location in West London, I actually didn't have a clue where we were because both me and Cali had a good sleep on the coach and only woke up when we reached...

Once there we went into some big hall where the producers greeted us and let us know what would be going on for the day. As the scene was a kids birthday party some of the kids got changed into party clothes while the others got changed into a fancy dress costume. There was also snacks and drinks and tea laid out for us.

The advert was for
a national newspaper and the whole day revolved around sweets and games, the kids ate a lot of sweets (and I'm not a fan of giving my kids sweets) I'm guessing this was to keep them hyper and keep the energy levels up during the commercial shoot. In between shooting there was lots of games and activities for them to keep them excited and the prize was always more sweets.

There was lots of waiting around as the kids were in and out of shooting frequently but I had my magazines and got on with some writing so I was cool. It was interesting to watch how the other mums interacted though as you could tell the ones whose kids always did acting as they were very cliquey (I hate that) and only talked amongst themselves, but all the kids got on really well regardless of if they were regulars or newbies.

At the end we all had lunch from the catering truck. Now this was like a proper truck you would see on a movie set, it made me feel like a celeb. I went there expecting chips etc (Because the kids had chips, nuggets and beans)but when I looked at the menu there was steak, salmon and some other posh foods, I was shocked! I got the salmon and OMG it tasted soooo good, wish I had taken a pic of it.

The day ended just after 2 and Cali was completely knackered and just slept all the way back. It was a lovely experience and the kids all enjoyed themselves and now Cali has said she would love to be on TV again, so I guess I'm gonna have to look into signing her up with the agency who got her the job and not to be left out RD has said he wants to do it too, so we will see how that goes. The weird thing is I know the agency was scouting at their dance school and I didn't put the kids forward to be considered because I thought I would wait till the kids came to me and asked to do acting or be on TV and it just so happens that Cali asked around the same time that the job came though. So although she didn't get scouted that particular day, her dance teacher actually recommended her to the agency for the part.

So now we are just waiting for the advert to be shown, exciting :)
Also if you are looking to get your little munchkins into this, if you haven't already invest in an Innotab or something similar to keep them occupied. 

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