Sunday, 1 March 2015

Too Old for the naughty corner

So I've always used the naughty corner with the kids as my main form of discipline, but now that Cali is 6 I'm wondering how much longer I can use that method for before it becomes unaffective and how old is too old? Then what method do I switch to when they do get older?

I know some parents will take away treats from older kids like TV, Computer etc but RD in particular has never been attached enough to anything for it to have an effect on him if I took it away. I mean that method would work well with Cali as she loves all her toys (especially her Queen Elsa doll) so if I took them away she would definitely feel it, so that would be the next logical step for her, but what would I do with RD once he's too old for the naughty corner?

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