Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Now I love to get the kids lots of cute and colourful clothes. I treat their style the same I treat mine, the quirkier the better. I try not to follow trends and have them dressed like all the other kids and now that they’re old enough to dress themselves I love watching how they put their outfits together.

RD really cares about what he wears, so he will take his time picking things out. I love his little Hawaiian looking shirt, In fact I liked it so much that I went back and got a few more from Primark before they all disappeared, they’re great for parties or holidays.  I also stumbled across this cute denim bow tie and just had to get it as I thought it would go well with his colourful shirts and these are his favourite pair of jeans my dad actually brought him 2 pairs (I don’t think he meant to but you know how men don’t really pay attention to those things) so he just alternates them.
Shirt - Primark
Denim Bowtie - H&M
Dark Denim Jeans - George @Asda

Calis sense of style is slowly changing. Before she just used to throw on jeans and any old top but recently she’s really been paying attention to what I wear and now wants to dress just like me, which means lots of colours, characters and clashing bold prints. She loves her My Little Pony mini skirt; she also has the jumper to match. When I saw it in H&M just after Christmas I knew she would love it and keeping with her theme of characters and clashing prints she’s also wearing a very baggy Minnie mouse T-shirt that she decided to tuck in and puff over as well as her Minnie Mouse tights then she stole my socks, if you looks closely you can see that the heel part is pulled up by her calves lol

Minnie Mous T-shirt - George @Asda
My little Pony Skirt - H&M
Socks - Stolen from mummy
Tights - H&M 

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