Tuesday, 10 March 2015

LeapReader review

Now I’ve  wanted to get RD a LeapReader for a while to help encourage his reading skills because although he does love writing and is very good at it he’s kinda lazy with reading and will try to get out of reading his school books to me if he can (poor him I make him read them anyway ;) But the LeapReader  has changed all that. RDs one came with a Doc McStuffins and Finding Nemo 3D book and RD really enjoys sitting down with me and running the pen over the words to tell the story and as he’s getting more confident he is now saying the word before he runs the pen over it which is a huge improvement. There’s also quizzes and activities that you can do with each book. RD likes to learn about the keywords at the beginning of the book then say their meanings to me as well as pointing out the word in the story.
Also as well as books for the kids to read, the LeapReader pen also plays audio books so you can easily just set up an audio book to play when the kids are in bed. It also has a few learning songs on there, RD really loves the punctuation song. I've found that singing makes it stay in his head as he loves singing and dancing and as I'm writing this I can still hear that song playing in my head.
As well as using it at home as part of their homework its also perfect to take travelling as there’s so many activities on it it can keep the munchkins occupied for hours and really that's all we're are looking for so that we can get a bit of peace and quiet and maybe even read a magazine while the munchkins are engrossed in their LeadReader books. It makes reading and learning in general a little bit more exciting.

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