Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Innotab v Innotab Max

So years ago the kids got an Innotab and have enjoyed playing the games and watching videos on them. I believe they’re an absolute must have when travelling long distances with small children. Anyways after all these years their Innotabs are still in great working order but the problem with the original Innotab is that it drains batteries quick, even the expensive Duracell batteries don’t last so you can forget trying cheap Poundland ones. So because of this I decided to look into getting them a newer model and was happy to see that the latest model, the Innotab Max was half price in Smyths.
It was such a good buy, it’s basically now a proper tablet but for kids. The screen is a lot larger, the graphics are 100 times better and most importantly it comes with a built in rechargeable battery, so no need to walk with billions of batteries, you can just plug it in and charge it. The Innotab Max also comes in its own built in case complete with handle and the case also doubles up as a stand. The pen has also been upgraded and has a soft rubber tip and a string to attach it to the Innotab so there’s no more problems with missing pens.

Also when you get a new Innotab, VTech gives you 3 free downloads to get you started. So as I already had got a lot of apps for their previous Innotabs I just added 3 more to their collection so the kids now have plenty of games, cartoons and music to be getting on with. Also after you’ve downloaded a game once you don’t have to pay again to put it on another device as long as all the devices are yours and linked to your account you can put them on how many you like but obviously they have to be the compatible VTech products.

I'm so glad I spent money of these and if like me you just had the older Innotab I would definitely recommend spending a little to get the upgrade as they have come in so handy and really keep the kids engaged to the point where I actually have to the kids to turn them off so I can feed and water them. They are also learning a lot without actually realizing as the games are educational. I wish I had something like this when I was little, the closest I had was a Wizz Kid and if you're a real 80s baby you will know exactly what I'm talking about :)

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