Thursday, 5 March 2015


OK so I know I spoke about my phobias  I’m not sure if you would class this as a phobia as I’m not scared of grass I just don’t like it. You will never find me laying out on grass in the summer or having a picnic, I really hate grass I don’t like to walk on it I don’t like the kids to walk on it either. Luckily their dad or my mum are happy to take them through the woods because I will not be doing that. I don’t know what it is about grass that I hate it so much, I know part of it is the fact that I’m convinced there will be some kinda animal shit on there and I just don’t wanna step in it because the last time I stepped in shit (when I was in Primary school) I chucked my shoes out, my mum was not amused. I can’t deal with cleaning that kinda mess off a shoe I just can’t. So yeah I just do like grass. I also don’t like pigeons either as they’re dirty flying rats and I hate rats therefore I hate pigeons too. They always wanna flap near you or fly towards you and make you look stupid trying to get away. I think they do it purposely, I think pigeons secretly hate humans...

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