Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hot Tub Cinema

OK so this was something I really wanted to do last summer but never got round to it. But  the Hot Tub Cinema looks like so much fun... if the weather stays hot that is. If you’ve not heard of the Hot Tub Cinema it’s basically a load of hot tubs set up at various venues and you just hang out in them with your friends (or strangers if that’s your thing ;) have some drinks and watch a movie.  It’s something that’s a bit different to the norm and that’s why I like it. This year it has a tropical theme and is going to be screening some 80’s favourites like Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Grease and one of my all time favourite films Dirty Dancing.
The Hot Tub Cinema will be doing 5 date stints in London, Birmingham and Bristol throughout April, May and June. The tickets for the London date went on sale Tuesday so get in there quickly as it's very popular and a lot have already sold out it...
Also I nearly forgot that after the screenings they play 80’s music so you can really relive your youth while sipping on cocktails, which sounds like the perfect night to me :)

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