Monday, 2 March 2015

Best way to heal a piercing

Well a nipple piercing to be exact (Sssh don’t tell my mum because she will be convinced that I’ve now given myself breast cancer and yes she is that dramatic :)
So I had my nipple pierced a few years ago but because I didn't go to my regular piercing shop (as they were closed that day) they pierced it with a metal ring and it just went funny and wouldn't heal. I then went to my usual piercer who then tried to save it by putting in a flexible bar. That still didn’t help as the damage had already been done, so sadly I had to take the piercing out as it was painful and infected and weeping.
Anyways after taking it out I had 2 lumps on each side of my nipple from where it had been pierced as well as a load of scar tissue that sea salt baths and Savlon etc couldn’t help. I then read in some online body mod forum that if you massage the nipple with tea tree oil it will help break up the scar tissue and heal the nipple. So I did just that and within weeks my sore nipple was healed, both lumps disappeared as well as the hard lump of scar tissue.
So after debating for a while I decided to get my nipple re-pierced late last year and made sure I went to my normal piercer and although she pierced it with a flexible bar I soon started to see the same problem arising with my nipple that had happened before. I immediately went out and got some pure tea tree oil and massaged my nipple morning and night and within a week or so it was fine and I’ve not had any problems with it since. I just need to go and get them to put a new shorter bar in then I’m sorted.

Also FYI your nipple is in my opinion one of the most painful parts of your body to pierce so if you have a rubbish pain threshold I wouldn't bother. But if like me you have some stupidly high pain threshold and can go through 5 hours of labour on just gas and air then this probably won’t phase you but be sure to pick up some tea tree oil it’s good stuff and maybe request to get it pierced with a flexible bar as opposed to a ring then when it heals you can change it to whatever you like :)


  1. Bio oil works really well. Also good for stretch marks and keeping tatts looking fresh

    1. Oh really I've never heard of that and I have a few bottles floating around thanks

  2. Bio oil works really well. Also good for stretch marks and keeping tatts looking fresh